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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ok so this week I have been thinking a lot about dating and relationships. Mostly because of some middle school girls who are sooo concerned about having a boyfriend. I just just get amazed at how its their main concern in life. I'm not saying that I wasn't that way, and I'm not saying they will always be this way. But really its the lamest most ridiculous thing to be all worried about!!!! I in the past few years have grown up, guys are dorks!!! They really even are not worth the time and day to stress over. Get through high school, get through collage, have fun with FRIENDS in those years. You don't get them back.
Another thing I have seen is girls who obsess over guys don't respect themselves. So if your wanting to be in a relationship, but you can't even respect yourself, how is a guy dating you suppose to respect you. That is setting yourself up for trouble and hurt.
Be absolutely ready. Don't make dating a game. Its a search for who you want to spend your life with, a search to know what kind of qualities in a guy. Don't let the guy you date pull you down in your morals. He has to be someone who can build you up, not tear you down. A good relationship is Christ based. A true, strong, happy, hopeful relationship will be focused on how you two are glorifying God.
Be wise, know what you are setting yourself up for, and alway trust the Lord in everything. He has your future planned out.

Just a few thoughts...kinda probably scattered, but I hope you followed.
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