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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Well its November.
Holy crap where has the time gone. I've done almost a whole semester of school here already??? WHAT???
Well I wish I had something interesting of some sort to post about. But I don't.
Its been a while since I've blogged, or wrote for the heck of it. I mean I've been writing, but papers are not exciting.

School is going pretty well. I'm finally in a spot where I don't cry everyday. Or I want to give up. No, I'm actually doing well in classes. I have people I call friends. Sure I have things that stress me out, like tests or assignments I don't want to do. But its how it is. I have a class I strongly dislike, which is Astronomy, but I cant change the fact that I'm in it. Honestly, not sure what we are suppose to be learning. The teacher is difficult to talk to, he lectures on things that aren't on the quizzes and test, etc. But that's not what I'm here to write about. Cause that's only one class, and by the end I should pass it, because even if it doesn't look like its going well, he grades on a curve, and I should pull it off. I'm doing fantastic in English. I've had a few "piss off" moments with that class, but no one likes their work to be edited, or critiqued. My research paper, well I have only been "scared" of doing it wrong, which made me "scared" to do it at all. But I used my resources available, and pulled something off to turn in my rough draft on time. and you know what my teacher said it was a excellent rough draft. HAHA I was shocked to hear that. But it was a confidence boost. The other classes, I'm doing decent in, staying on top of my work, and yeah.

I officially changed my major a few weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier about that decision. I'm super excited to look ahead and be a psych major. I worked on building a schedule for next semester, met with my advisor to check in and see if with that and make sure I'm headed in the right direction, and she said yeah. So hopefully I get the schedule I put together and classes I picked. I will be really happy if I get the schedule and classes I want. If I do, I know that I will have to work hard, but thats not a bad thing. I will take care of a couple different "goal areas" for my gen eds, if I get the classes. So hope and pray that it works out. If not, I keep going, and find something that fits and works, and yeah.

With all that, I'm also excited to get to come home, and spend time with my family and my friends over thanksgiving, and over winter break.

I guess for now thats what I have to post. Hopefully I wont have a big stretch again before another post. But I thought I would use some of my free time today to write, give an update, and yeah.