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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sad Thing to Realize

So Ive come to the knowledge of the fact the you cant be a teen girl who babysits and take the kid(s) out in public.
Why you ask...
Well the fact is that sadly our generation (well a lot of it) just flat out don't know how to say no.
SOOO being a teen girl with a small child (either way, if its your kid or you just watching the kid) you get dirty looks from people. And girls like myself watch kids, take kids to the park and stuff.
I have been to the park been out to a store with Dash and Sammie. I have had so many nasty looks at me, because I'm a teenage girl with a kid... THEY AREN'T EVEN MINE!!!!!
I mean I know the fact that yes girls my age screw up, get prego, and stuff. But you know what... some people need to lay off judgment when they see a girl with a kid. Who are they to even judge??? I know I should just shake it off and realize that I know the truth, and it not peoples job to judge me, but its just hard sometimes.
I love kids, I LOVE DASH AND SAMMIE. I'm not going to stop loving them or being around them and stuff because people are dumb sometimes, but sometimes I just get irritated at the looks I get.
Its hard being a girl who has never had sex, let alone kissed a guy. To get those looks and judgment. All because other girls my "age" is screwing up.

I Don't know, something to think about I guess.
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Thursday, September 25, 2008


I got really really into my Bible reading last night. Started reading Luke, dont know why I havent read it before, so thats where I ended up reading from. I got super into it that I was up till like 130 or so (granted I started at 1130 or so.)
But just reading it, it amazed me. One thing that we have all heard before, but really hit me in my reading was, no matter how many times people saw Christ cure the sick, blind, demon possessed, even the raised the DEAD!!!! People kept asking who is this man that says he can do amazing things. We just kept doubting. And it also came to me that we are like that. God can bless us with so much, and do so much for us, but one bad thing happens in our life that we question God why. We doubt, we are men and women of little faith in those rough times. So why, why do we question God al the time, how many times does he have to prove to us that he is in power, he has everyhting under control, we dont need to worry and stress. God shouldnt have to prove himself to us, we should just know and believe, and trust. He is an Almighty God, who LOVES us so much that he sent his son to die for us... how is that even fair??? Jesus isn't about fair, hes about loving us and protecting us. We are his children.
So it it my goal, for whenever I want to say "Why" I want to say "Thanks for being in control." Will you do the same??? Its my prayer for everyone and myself to come to the complete understanding that we dont need to ask why, we just need to trust.

Here are some verses that cought my attention:

Luke 1 : 37
Luke 1 : 46-51
Luke 1 : 68-79
Luke 3 : 9
Luke 4 : 8
Luke 4 : 12
Luke 5 : 31-32
Luke 6 : 9
Luke 6 : 27-38
Luke 6 : 45
Luke 7 : 11-15
Luke 9 : 23 & 25
Luke 9 : 44-45
Luke 9 : 50
Luke 10 : 16-20
Luke 11 : 23

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hearing God

This past week God has really been getting my attention. Between talks at church/youth group, music, even on the show wife swap (lol.) Ive not really taken the time to put in my Jesus time.
With getting ready to go to school, and all that sress. My dad looking for a job. As I want to be a photographer, sometimes I wonder if I really am cut out to be one.
Ive just really been relizing that I need to keep calm, God is in control and though we seem to feel like we are at the end of the road, but God knows what will happen, and he will bring good out of all the bad. He doesnt give us stress, we bring it upon ourselves by not trusting God.
He has also been showing me how AMAZING he is. He shows us in so many incredible ways. He brings comfert to those hurting, he brings healing to the pain, etc.
I Just though I would share. sorry its a little confusing and weird.

Powerful Video (Made Me Cry)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Taking a Chance

I am one who is afraid of rejection, fearful of what people think of me. Yeah I know that I shouldnt worry about what others think, but Im a highschool girl. So as I have a friend who Im 95% sure that shes not a christian, doesnt go to church, etc. I really like her, and we are good friends, and becoming even better friends.
As Planet Wisdom is coming up I thought maybe I should invite her to come along. But since she doesnt go to church or anyhting I was a little worried to ask. But I felt like I should. So I asked her to go to youth group. Which took a lot to do, since I dont want her to not be my friend because I go to church and cause Im a christian. But she said she would go and I was sooo excited. She said she had fun, and I asked her to come to overtime next week sujnday, and I asked to go to Planet Wisdom, and Im pretty sure she is thinking about it. So Im happy I took that chance.

In this Ive learned that I just have to take the chance... Christ died for me...thats the greatest chance/risk ever. So why do I get so nervous as to what people are going to think of me when invite them to church or a church event. Its who I am... Im a Christian, and proud of it. I shouldnt be afraid of being myself. Plus as christians we are asked to spread the love of Christ.