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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well its just been a little over a week since I have been at school.
For the most part it hasn't been bad.
There is a lot. A lot of people, and lot of time to fill, a lot of newness, etc.
Classes are so far so good. You know boring, and first week kind of stuff.
I've gone to activities (even if its not my kind of thing, I go for a little bit. Just to get out, and make "my presence.") I've gone to cru, which I'm excited about. I have gone to church both weekends. I've gone for walks, sat outside to be out and about. I've gone to meals with some people, etc.
But it hasn't been the easiest week. I have been really homesick. I miss my friends and family. I miss the things I know. Its been hard stepping out of my comfort zone. I have had breakdowns. I have had plenty of moments where I have felt alone.
I know I know. Its common. Its normal, etc. But its hard, and at the same time I know its what I need to do right now.
I have spend every morning before I get on with my day, spending time with God. I read a Proverb a day. I spend time praying to God to show me His will and plan for me being here. I spend my morning and plenty of my day talking to Him, and seeking out where my next step is. Asking for Him to bring a peace and ease into my being here.
Everyday is new. I know that it will get easier. I trust God in my being here.
I do enjoy that I am doing school. Yeah, its school, and its not the most fun thing in life. But I'm doing something productive. I know that homework will soon start to fill up the empty space boring time.
I also know that soon enough it will be break, and I will be home.
I just need to keep going. Work hard, and keep trying to meet people/make connections. I trust God in my everyday, and I know there is a reason for all this.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

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Ok now to what I was really going to say. HAHA gotta love sassy moments

Yeah yeah this will be about my getting ready for school. Shocking I know. But hey its pretty much the happening in my life right now. 

Well I have finished up with things like work. I have said some goodbyes. I'm just about finished with packing. 

It's the same thing I keep saying.... bittersweet. 

Super excited, but there are a few moments where I see my stuff all packed away, or I say an official "bye/see ya later" where I think "wow this is real. I'm almost there." Just a few more days. Some of my hardest see you laters to come. 

But the silver lining to it is, I am a phone call/text/skype away. I'm not gone for good. I'll be back around. 

I need this for myself. I have to prove to myself that I am more then how I feel sometimes. So even if its hard being away from what I know. I know it will all be good and fun and whatever else it will bring. Sure there will be times when I feel alone. But thats normal. Those are the moments that I will have to do something about me feeling that way. That's when I have to go and take a step toward meeting someone. And in those times I can also call/text/skype back home. 

I'm away but not gone. Goodbye isn't goodbye. It's just see you later. 

by beth

by beth peace out .

-Lil John

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I had the chance to go to Noah's Ark with some friends a few weeks ago. Well when I go there, I really like to go down the "Point Of No Return" So pretty much a straight down drop.

Well I love the ride its awesome. But I was thinking about it. Every time I go, I am always jazzed up about getting to go on it. However I always have to build my nerves up to go and do it. Its a cross between loving the ride and being scared of it. I always end up doing it though. Even though there is always the few moments of "I'm not going to do it" or whatever.

As I was thinking about this, it kinda relates to my life in general. Esp about me going to school.

I have been wanting to go, and excited/jazzed to go. And I have been doing the things to get me there. Sure I have had some help along the way. And I know I have had a whole lot of encouragement along the way. And I've needed it at times. But yeah. I have times where I am scared and all nerves are going/on edge. I know that right now its hard and nerve racking. But once I'm there and doing it. I know I will love it.

Sure there may be some hard moments. But its just like an amusement park ride. Ups and downs, nerves going. But a thrill. This is a thrill of a lifetime. Its the next step, and as I get closer and closer, I keep having the ups and downs or excitement and nerves. But on the same hand, its worth it, and I will love it.