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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well Im checkin in again. Im almost to my 4 weekend here. Sigh its crazy.
I pretty much take life on a day to day, week by week.
I miss home. I miss my life of everything I know.
I love being in classes though. I like that I'm "doing something."
I have roommate issues. And its crazy. She has decided she wants to switch rooms. But she has no real reason for it. Like and I'm not just saying that to "defend myself. She really has no real legit reason. Whatever.....
I surrender everyday to God. I read my Bible and pray everyday.
But have anxiety/panic running through me at some point in the day.
In those moments I tell myself I'm ok, Gods got me. I pray.
But I dont like being so far away from home.
Sure there are people here that I am meeting. I generally everyday have someone to eat with and talk to.
I go to bible study and cru. I found a church. Im probably gonna start volunteering there too.
I sit down with new people at meals if I didn't meet up with someone.
I introduce myself to new people if someone I know has someone come up to them. etc.
I know people here because they are Dans friends. But at the same time they are Dan's friends, and I don't want to step in the way of his friendships.
I guess three weeks in I am still having those good and bad days. Yeah they are always gonna happen. I'm still adjusting. But to be honest its hard. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. But I'm really learning to lean into and trust God so much more then I ever have in my life.