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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thought of the Day

If you took Jesus out of my life I would be a big mess of broken nothing-ness. Thanks to His grace, love, and forgiveness, I can live, and live a life of meaning.

Thought of the Day

If you took Jesus out of my life I would be a big mess of broken nothing-ness. Thanks to His grace, love, and forgiveness, I can live, and live a life of meaning.

Monday, April 26, 2010

What Kind of Mom am I??? (quiz on facebook) this is what I got

Hip Mom:

You are doing pretty good! You know that being a strong mom is important and that you aren't perfect! You can laugh and cry with your kids! You demand respect and set a certain standard for your kids to follow! You are the MOM of the Year!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This week Satan has been nagging me, and just feeding me lies. Up until today, I have been able to not let it bother me so much. Cause he is a jerk, and I know that, but now tonight I feel alone, and like I don't matter to anyone. Which is a big fat lie, but why in the world is it bothering me?!?!? I hate this, I hate letting him get to me, I hate that I am so sensitive to things said about me or to me. He knows that I am easy to get to, and that bothers me more!!! AHHHHHH

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I like how you said it

I like how you said we can't not have each other in our lives. Cause it's true!!! I need you. I am a mess without you, and it hurts to much when your not there. Yes there are more people that mean a lot to us in our lives, and I think we both get jealous of each other for that fact. But I hope that no matter how close anyone is, you have one of the specialist places in my life.
I love you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cop Out

Why do people use God as a cop out of things?!?!?!? I understand that God has a will and God has a reason for everything, but I don't believe that every time someone says "I think God..." or "I feel God..." is always really God speaking. I defiantly feel that in the situation that has been handed to me this week, God has been used as the cop out.

But what do I know what God's will is, what do I know what is going to happen. All I know is that I do not feel God telling me the same thing.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

After having a CRAPPY crappy morning/early afternoon (which I have not felt that miserable in a LONNGG time.) I got a good cry out while cleaning the parking lot, which helped, and then I went and hung out with Melissa, which REAllY helped me. So thanks again Melissa :)
You never know when you will wake up one morning, and a very close friend no longer wants to be friends. It sucks to receive what I did this morning. Not a good way start off my day. Its a good thing the sun is shining, it is beautiful outside, and that I have other friends that are there for me.
even if loosing this friend I loos a couple more along with it. but o well... that is life. Right?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well Here We Are...

Well it is now April, nearing the end of the school year, and I have no idea what is going on for next year. I have a couple things I need to get in before hearing back from UW Stout. I have one more thing to do one my UW Whitewater application, and sending a few things for that. And well as far as my MN Mankato application, yeah I don't remember my password for that, and I have not been able to access it in a while. I feel so overwhelmed with this whole school thing again. I do not want to be at UW Waukesha next year. Not that its a bad school, I just don't feel content there. I know I need to get out, and do something more. But I have fallen in the whole "last minute" thing again. The biggest thing is, I need the money to send in the last few things. I need to get transcripts(which cost money to get,) and send application fees. blah. Money is such a sucky thing to have to deal with, or try to deal with when you have none.

I really need some prayer and guidance to what I need to do, and what my direction is.
I was at work, kinda bummed cause of one thing that always bothers me at work. Bobsie pretty much dislikes me, I'm pretty sure she thinks I am irresponsible and incompetent... ANYWHO...
So I was walking through the hallway to go put a mop head in the laundry room, as John Glass comes up to me. Telling me that in the staff meeting they had today, Dan K was (in John's words) "singing praises" about how great of a director I am on the Tech team. John also said that Christine had some thing to say, and she said about how the kids at church love me, and that I work really well with them.
By John telling me what was said about me in the meeting made me super happy, and it felt good to know that I am actually being appreciated at FRCC. Because lately I have felt like no one does, and that it really isn't the church for me. There are still thing I have a hard time about with FRCC, but today made me feel like I actually can do something right, and that someone actually notices.

I love working with the kids, it is one of my greatest joys in life. I love serving on the tech team, I am a tech geek... I will admit it. Both areas can get rough sometimes, but I love having them be part of who I am and help define who I am.

I have always been hard on myself, and probably always will be. I criticize who I am, and what I do. I have a hard time taking criticism from other, because I get more down on myself. I also have a hard time taking a complement, like when someone says I'm awesome. I love hearing things like that, but yeah. But hearing what was said today, made me feel spectacular. I was able to accept it really well. I had the biggest smile on my face, and just was super "giddy." Which I think is God helping me to change.

(ok this was totally just flowing out of my brain, so if makes no sense, sorry.)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bahaha funniest email I have ever recieved