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Thursday, April 9, 2009

So I have been thinking, and pondering today about my relationship with Jesus, and my skin. When my skin is bad, I feel empty. I know I have always let my skin be a roadblock in my walk with Christ, cause I just want my eczema to be gone. It honestly pisses me off.
Like today, it hurts, and I'm in pain, and I just don't like when it is like this, and I just feel empty and wondering why do I have to put up with this. It frustrates me so much that I just feel like I am "mad" at God. Not that I want to be, because I know that there is a purpose in the long run, and I know it is probably a thing I am faced with to make my relationship grow stronger with Christ. 17 years of asking God to show me his direction and purpose in me having this problem, I just wonder "what in the world God, WHY?"

But as I am writing this, I had to stop, and make a run to Wal-mart. lol And EVERY song I hear on the way there just hit me. The main one being "There Will Be a Day" so here I am in pain, wondering what God has planned with this, and then he shoves this song in my face, which by the way I love this song, and have since I first heard it. But God just told me that this isn't forever.

I have been having a rough week, physically, emotionally, etc. But GOD continuously keeps showing himself through it all. And I PRAISE Him for it. Because I am NOTHING without Him, and if He didn't keep showing himself through this week, I would be even more of a mess.

If this blog made any sense...sweet. If not I'm sorry. It kinda just all came out, and like I said I left to make a run to the store.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This is one thing that I know I can struggle with. But it puts a world of perspective when it happens to me. I have always been judged, because of my skin, which sucks, but I've learned to kinda deal. But when a few of your own leaders and friends at youth group, judge you for something that is no big deal, it hurts, and really sucks.
This happened to me this last week. I have small gauges in my ears...yes, I love them. I think they are awesome. Am I going all out and go super huge and nasty, NO!!! thats to much, but there were a few leaders, and friends noticed, and were really rude, and judgmental toward me about it, and it's not like its anything new. I'm not even the only one at youth group who has them. So why is it such a big deal. I would understand if they were outrageous and nastily huge, but they aren't!!!
I just bothered me about how rude and judgmental they were toward me.