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Life has it's highs and lows. Embrace it. Live It. Push through. Find the Joy, the Laughter, the Smiles. The little things are the things that bring the most joy. New Life Rises From The Ashes. ~ <3 ~

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Heart of The Matter

Hearts are fragile
They are filled with so much
Like Love and Joy; Hurt and Sorrow
Sometimes we grow in ways we never thought
Sometimes we grow in a way we didn't think we ever would
We become something
Whether good or bad
Something or someone we dreamed of or the exact opposite
Sometimes just a middle of he road; going through the motions
Hitting or missing opportunities, dreams, etc
We are influanced by the way we grew up
What the world is telling us
What our faith is telling is
People and things
Sometimes our strong judgments
Sometimes just what we want
Sometimes our need of control
Sometimes our need to be love
Sometimes life hand us a piece of cake
Sometimes life throws a twister and storm
What are we going to do, how are we going to grow and be
Who are we going to become through it all
Through life
Who will you become, who do you want to be?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is Just About Here

Spring is just about here

New Life

New opportunities for change

A perfect time to discover yourself

Discover new things in life

Time to grow


Time to shine

Its not over

Its beginning

Season are sweet

All with their own good and bad

But they all have a constant

They have have their own beauty

They all have a life of their own

Spring is the time to discover and grow

Summer is the time to be silly, have fun, and connect in relationships

Fall is the time to relax, and enjoy some change

Winter has its uniqueness (well they all do) but winter brings crazy, and lazy all in one.

This is life


Its what we live in

What we live for

Constant beauty in everything

But sometimes we miss it

We miss the beauty and only see the ugly

Look past it

Find the things that make it all work

Make you happy

Make you...

Well you

Season come

Seasons go

Life happens all around

And sometimes we miss it

Don't miss it

Embrace it

Live it

Discover it all

Monday, March 14, 2011

Just write
Bring it.....

No words
Thats a problem

Life is life
Different day every day
So much the same


Ups and Downs
Twists and Turns
Right and Wrong
Good and Bad
Old and New


Right here, Right now




Life to the Full

New Life Rises from the Ashes

Beauty from Pain

Something different every second
Every minute
Every hour
Every day

Never the same
Always new

Make it what you want
Make it what HE wants

This is Life
This is Love
This is Faith
This is Hope
This is Truth
This is what its all about

Find what works
Be content

Friday, March 11, 2011

Biggest lesson being learned in my life is.... I can only control how I feel, the things I do, etc.
I cannot control other people emotions. How they go about things they feel, and do, that is their choice/right.

We all have the right to be happy, sad, glad, upset, joyful, pissed, etc. But we cannot feel like we have caused someone else to feel that way. In retrospect, yes, we may have caused it. But we didn't make them feel the way they did.
Of course we should always try to build others up, strive to bring joy and a smile. But we are humans, we screw up. And if someone ends up pissed or hurt. That is their choice to feel that way.
We can't define ourselves by how someone else feels. We are who we are. We control ourselves, and ourselves only.

We can tell people what is right or wrong.
 Like in parenting. You can tell your kids what is good or bad, or how to do or not do things. But ultimately you cannot control what they do, say or feel. That is up to the kid.

Life is short, we control how we feel about it.
Sure there are and will be ups and downs. But don't give up. Don't live in the dark place. Strive forth and find the light, and joy.

~ New Life Rises from the Ashes ~
~ <3 ~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Its a new day

A sunny new day

Things may still be messy

But there is hope

Knowing it will turn out okay

Breaking through

A calm in a heart

A peace that runs over

Who knows how long it will last

But its there for now

Live in it while its there

Knowing love

Feeling love

Eyes opened




Today is a good day

~New Life Rises from the Ashes~