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Life has it's highs and lows. Embrace it. Live It. Push through. Find the Joy, the Laughter, the Smiles. The little things are the things that bring the most joy. New Life Rises From The Ashes. ~ <3 ~

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's been a while
Since I've seen your face
The beauty
The elegance
Breath taking amazing
Spoken words
I listen deep
Read the words
I take it in
You love unconditional
A truth I have known all my life
On and off believing
Wanting to be there again
Surrendered to you
My heart equaling Yours
Lies told in my head
Pulled me away
Finding the path
Back to you
To surrender to
and be with
You again
A dream wanted
Half way there
Freak out moment
Paralyzed by fear and doubts
Some moments of hope
But frozen by the unsure next step
Time to be done with the fear
Put on the big girl pants
Get it done
Prove the fear and doubt wrong
Make the dream(s) happen

Friday, April 15, 2011

Starting Over by Addison Road

Open up your eyes 
Awake, arise 
Love like a hand reaches down 
And pulls us up from the dirty ground 
Now is the time 
To step from the dark into the light 
Cause you can’t change what you’ve done 
But you can choose who you’ll become 
Every moment is a second chance 
At starting over, at starting over 
Move from the past to the present tense 
You can start over, start over again 
If you feel ashamed 
Of the choices that you’ve made 
You can be whole again 
And return to your innocence 
Every moment is a second chance 
At starting over, at starting over 
Move from the past to the present tense 
You can start over, start over again 
Yesterday is gone 
Today is all you’ve got 
You don’t have to be who you’ve been 
You can change within 
It’s never too late 
To start over again 
Every moment is a second chance 
At starting over, at starting over 
Move from the past to the present tense 
You can start over, start over again

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A thousand times
Six journals
Decorated in our style
Pens to fill the pages
Write a few "what your thankful for"
Not complete till 1000
But more if you please
Little things
Big things
Life is full
Take the little
Make them big
Say a thanks
Write it down
No limits
Nothing is stupid
Who you are is in what your thankful for
On our own but together
Stare out a window
What do you see
What does it mean
Calm and still
Busy and loud
Stare to clear the noise your head
Stare to hear them better
Stare to search
Search for an answer
Of who you are
Who you will become
What do you mean
What does anything mean
What do you matter
What does matter
Stare to be
To dream
To think
To find
To listen
To discover
Stare to distract
From the situation
From the noise
From the hurts and fears
Stare out into the world
See its color
See it for what it is
Stare out the window
What do you see

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunglasses for the sunshine
Shorts for the warm
Chillin' with the family
Its a perfect day
A perfect Sunday in April
A taste of what shall be
Summer time
And non-stop fun
A summer that may come and go
But a summer that will be marked down in the books
Good and happy moments
Possibly some bad and hurtful ones too
But none the less...
It will be summer
And summer fun it shall be

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jeans an a sweatshirt kind of girl
Yet jammy pants in an instant
Converse wearing
But barefoot when possible
Country music loving
Music junky in general
Movie watching
Baseball watching
Fascinated by the world
Thunderstorm loving
Free spirit
Giggles and laughs
Big heart for other
Original and unique
Yet conformed to what is
Mac vs PC... Mac wins
Pierced and tattooed
Black eyeliner wearing
Painted nails... generally chipped off half the time
Not the morning person type
Coffee in the morning
Technology/gadget enjoying
Constant texter
Kid loving
Favorite color = Green
Long hot shower taker
Biker rider
Loves driving "Little Car"
So much more...

Its me
Love it
Or hate it

Friends;They are the people who...

kick you in the pants when you slack
tell you point blank
sit with you when you cant be alone
stop what they are doing and hold you when your about to fall under
love unconditionally
forgive when asked
you joke around with
share secrets with
share dreams with
see the real you
who love the real you
see when a hurt comes
reassure you that it will be ok
love even if its hard
see past the scars
smile and laugh with you
walk with you on you journeys
leaves a unmistakeable mark in your life
is forever a part of who you are and who you will be
is unforgetable
is someone you love
are more then you could explain
are more then words

Yesterday is over
Today is ...
Tomorrow is a wonder

Where ever

Will it all be real
The line of reality and fantisy
Fine and short
Hard and tough

Give up
Go forth

Choose the mind set
Choose the emotion
Choose the choices

May not be perfect every time
A life is made when it lives
When a dream is worked for
Becomes a reality

A life worth living
Is a life worth a whole heart

Friday, April 1, 2011

So I'm throwing a challenge out there....
Are you willing to take it?

In my last post I talked about how there is beauty in anything and everything.
Ourselves included.

Here is the challenge...

Take a moment each day and find one to two things you like about yourself. Find another one or two things that you find fascinating.
Write them down. Tell someone.

It's mostly a challenge to myself.
But hey, thought I would throw it out there to maybe have some people start viewing themselves a little better too.

We can start viewing  the world differently, when we view ourselves differently.
Take a look at yourself. Your real and true self.
It starts with one though. One truth. One positive thing.

The world around me fascinates me. The colors, the people, the sounds, etc. It's amazing. I tend to find myself be a people watcher. I just enjoy seeing things. Seeing life in a way that is hard to explain. Maybe its that photographers eye that I am told I have. Maybe its my creative side. Maybe its my curiosity/noisiness. Who knows.
Colors mesmerize me. They capture me in a way that has its own interest.
People interest me. The way the act, the way the walk, talk, smile, laugh, etc.

The world is big. There is so much to it. So much so that nothing can begin to describe it. Nothing is the same. Everything and everyone has its own stride. Its own uniqueness. Perfect in there own ways. Good and bad in it all. We get to pick and choose what we want to see. How we view the things of this world and the world itself.
There is beauty in ourselves. In the people around us. Our will to step forth and choose to see it, our will to be better and view the world in its entirety and beauty. Its a powerful thing. Hard to do sometimes. But when we can finally do it, it can be amazing. A whole new type of special, and beautiful.