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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Teens and Sex

So I was at a friends party, I was the oldest one there. Im 17, so these other girls were 13,14,15, you get it. It was for one of my younger friends obviously!!!! Anyway... they all were talking about how they have boyriends, and how they all have sex with every guy they ever date! there not even in high school!!!!! They are screwing up there lifes in soooooo many ways. Well as Im one who hasnt even had a boyfriend, or have had my first kiss, and Im 17 going to be 18 in Jan. I had nothing to say. I just sat there listening to them. Thinking, "What the heck??? How in the world can girls not even old enough to understand relationships, and arnt even mature enough for them, and even more???" Im not even old enough to know everything about relationships, and I know how stupid they are being. So what does that say??? Am I not mature enough, or am I more mature then most teens??? Do I just not understand why, or am I just using reasoning of my morals??? Im I being the stupid/dumb boring one, or the one use is trying to be smart and finding other ways to have fun??? teens today are in very hard positions to live. We have a whole lot of decicions to make, a whole lot of right and wrong that we need to deal with. Yes we are stupid in ways, some more then others.
Whats right, and as a chirstian, Im waiting, Im saving myself for when Im married, and I can actually enjoy sex. Sure i may come off as no fun, or being a loser and so on, but maybe I can make a differance in some way.

Just some totally random thoughts.
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