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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010


So I have been thinking lately about my life, and who I am to people. What do I represent? But more so, that I want to inspire someone. If it were just one person or many, it would mean so much to me. I don't think I ever have though. To be honest, I don't think I have really ever been truly inspired myself. I mean there are things I have done that probable never would have if someone encouraged me to, but in the sense of really being inspired, I don't think I have been. Which kinda bums me out.
But I really have wanted to be an inspiration to someone. How, I don't know. Whether it is an inspiration for Christ, or an inspiration to do something.
I want my life to be meant for something, I want to have been used for good, in some way. I want to live a life that I can look back some day and say, "it has been a good life, I am glad that I lived it that way." God is constantly changing, shaping me, teaching me, and growing me, to be a person of faith, a person of love, etc. I have really wanted my blog, and life to be centered around him. Sure I have posts that aren't but, I want the essence of it to be uplifting, and just to have people see my love for the Lord. And in that, I hope that it will inspire one person to seek Him out, or have someone want to learn and grow more in their walk. I'm not perfect, no one is. But if I can live a life for Christ, and I have the ability to write it out, show my faith, and love, I want to fill that ability. God is so good, He allows for me to set my heart on things, and want to live out everyday.

(I hope this post made some sense. LOL)

New Found Respect

So tonight my brother Dan and I got to hang out, grab some half off appetizers at Applebees. We have always been at different stages of life. But I have been learning so much more, and been doing some growing up. Well at first, it was kinda awkward to be sitting down one on one with him. But after a little bit we got talking and such. There were things he said, like when he came back from Australia, he choose to be back here, 25 living at home, and working for hourly wage at Starbucks. All because he wanted to be home, and here for Andy, Chris and Me. and other things that may not be that big of a deal, but I found a lew level of respect, and admiration for my big brother. He isn't just my older brother who has to pick on me, and suh, but he is my older brother who truly loves me, and cares about me, and wants the best life for me. I don't think I could have asked for a better big brother :)

I found this picture as I did a Google search for a new desktop picture. As i found it, I thought it was really cool, then I started really looking at it. I viewed it as a symbol of my life. For the tree I see it as growth in my life. For the kid standing looking out, I view it as me standing with so much potential in this world, and it is all right in front of me. I jsut have to take that step out, and work toward goals/dreams, work toward my future, live my life, etc. I am at an age where I have the world right at my finger tips, and I can grasp it, or I can let it pass on by.