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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

People Pleaser

I am a huge people pleaser. I try everything in my power to make people happy. I hate when someone is mad at me. But so many times I screw up, I feel I don't do anything right. I hate being a disappointment. I do everything in my power to make things right, set things aside so I can make someone else happy, I have a hard time saying no to something that I know I really can't do, but I will make it work, and do it. Why???
I can't please everyone, its not possible. I'm only one person. I'm a weak and broken person at that. I live off of God's strength and awesomeness. Am I really doing as God wants when I try and please people? Probably not, cause I am concerned about people being happy with me, when all I need is to please God, make HIM happy, and proud of me. But why can't I be content and happy with that.

I got a facebook message frome a friend with a link to this page: Quit Trying to Please Everybody - Tools @ PurposeDriven.com

It really made me start to think, and try and work on not worrying about what people think of me.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Silly Parenting Question....

Ok to all you parents who read my blog... question for you.

As you watch your kids grow up, more and more independent, and such. Do you remember when they took there very first shower? Is it a big moment in your kids lives? Or is it just another thing that really doesn't matter?
Because I was thinking the other day, I remember the first time I ever took a shower. I felt so cool... lol ... I felt like a big kid. I didn't need mom and dads help. I wanted to be a big kid, and do it myself.
Maybe its just me that thinks its a big step in life. Maybe not. But I think of it as another step into growing up, being more independent, more responsible. No need for help. You spend so many years bathing your children, making sure they are clean, and smelling good :) but then there comes a day when no, they want to be a big kid, and take a SHOWER all by them-selves.

SO... is it a big deal, or no?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello December

Hello December,
Wow its already December. Where has this year gone???
SO far this year, I have completed high school, graduated, went to Poland, made new friends, last min decided I was going to go to school, and now I am almost done with my first semester of college. WHAT???????
It really is true that as you get older, time goes faster.
I am super excited to see what is in store for my in this next year. If I can accomplish more then expected this year, what could possibly come next??? God is so funny and awesome.
Trusting Him in every decision, is the best thing I can ever do. There is just a whole new sense of peace in my life :)