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Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Well folks it has been a while. Things got crazy, school stuff happened, I didn't really have anything to really feel was writing worthy.

But this has been on my mind....

It's just about Memorial Day. A day to celebrate and honor those who have served us.

Yeah yeah, you have all heard this rant before....
But for the first time I really have been annoyed about the "it's Memorial Day, come and buy stuff that's on sale at our store!"

Are you kidding me, how is that honoring anyone? We shouldn't be using this weekend/day to make sales, or get new things. We need to take time out of it, say some 'Thank You's' and honor those who we need to honor.

Yeah I have my own opinions and views on politics and everything, but I still know that there are people out there or have been out their putting their life on the line to protect us here.

That's a big deal.

Both of my grandpa's have served. I thank them. Those are two men I love so much, and mean so much to me.
I have a good friend who serves in the Marines, he is amazing, and I love him, for who he, as well as for what he is choosing to do.

I thank any other friends/family, and people I don't know for doing what they do. No matter the reason they do it. They still do it. It's a big deal! Be thankful, cause your not the one having to do it!!!

This is a weekend like no other. Let celebrate and honor it.

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rufers54 said...

Don't forget your uncle who died while he was in active service in a foreign country.